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Saturday, March 12, 2011

homemade baby teethers

Everett is doing well. He has started to cough a little from Penelope's bad cold but I'm sure he'll fight it off with mama milk antibodies. He has his own battle to fight right now anyway ... teething! Poor lil' tike is starting to get teeth buds showing on the bottom. It's just barely starting.

I came up with this really smart idea to take mismatched kid socks and roll up one and place it inside another, tie it off, wet it with water and then freeze it. Genius, huh? :) Instant baby teether.

Plus, it's fun when your baby is fussing to lovingly say, "Oh put a sock in it!"

Another idea I had is to cut a big chunk of an apple and stick a fork into it as a grip. A toothless baby can gnaw on this without much danger. Everett really enjoyed it. Even though he didn't eat it this was his first technical food/flavor other than breast milk.

Pain relief:
We do use dye-free Motrin. I also like homeopathic teething pills.
 I'm a real fan of Boiron Camilia This worked like magic for some of my children and not so magical for others. I use it for calming kids too. I give it a huge thumbs up.

I've never used an amber teething necklace before, but I recently bought us each one. They had mother and baby ones (how could I resist the cuteness of that?) I have chronic bad neck pain and it may help with it, so what the hay I bought one. It's only money, right ;)

I did a whole evenings worth of online research about these things and after it was all said and done I went with Amber Artisans for moderate price, quality, best overall website, best information provided and because along with your jewelry they send you loose beads to test the amber yourself for authenticity.

Worn against your skin the warmth of your skin can absorb the Baltic amber's oils and this promotes healing, well being and is supposed to be anti inflammatory. Lots of moms online love these necklaces and say it helps their babies be less fussy with teething. The babies that sport these necklaces make a darling statement for fashion as well as for the health and well being through natural medicine!
These are ours and should arrive any day now!

Update: We love the bead necklace. Even my skeptical husband thinks it calmed the baby!
Update: Studies Suggest an Acetaminophen-Asthma Link

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