Life With Nine Kids

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We had a baby boy.

He's here...he's here....

A wonderful, lovely, sweet, cuddly, sleeps a lot, happy, not too demanding (thus far) baby boy. I knew he was a boy. I knew he was out there waiting for us to be his family. His name is Sebastian. I'm completely enamoured by his perfectly round velvety head, long fingers, soft mouth, his chin that is like daddy's, and the way he curls around and fits against my body when he sleeps in bed with me. I am in newborn love. Again.

And here is my half dozen...

Sometimes, for a moment, life seems utterly perfect and stress free.

So needless to say we have been pre occupied and I haven't been posting. I updated my blog and website with birth info and stuff. It was a fabulous unassisted birth (my fourth UC) with my husband.

Right now the kids all have a little cold and so we are stir crazy. We just started leaving the house with the newborn after being home for 2 weeks, then they get sick and we are stuck at home again! At least the weather has been nice. I've been enjoying nursing Sebastian on the porch in 70 degree weather.

Lately lots and lots of fun has been had at this website by our whole family I lost my husband for an entire day because of it. I lost myself for an entire afternoon. It's great for kids, too.

We are currently test driving many 8-9 passenger (gas hog) vehicles.

I'm already missing being pregnant, despite the fact that I've already mentioned that it's nice having my body back. Sebastian turning 3 weeks old this Saturday makes me a little sad. I want him to be a newborn for at least a year.
Labor day weekend was spent bonding with our newborn and having lots and lots of family fun...

(yes I am aware Charlotte IS my clone)

Below Layla shows off her Kitty craft

And next we need to re-establish some sort of schedule. Charlotte will turn 12, Penelope will turn 2... and falling leaves, blue jeans, sweaters, and Halloween will be upon us. Our favorite.


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

I just subscribed to your blog. My hubby and I are buying 8 acres of farmland with the intention of raising a big country bumpkin family. We recently bought a diesel volkswagon jetta that gets 45-50 mpg. I wonder if other diesel vehicles do as well? Might be worth checking out. I know VW makes the "bus." We LOVE our VW.

Molly said...

Aww! Charlotte IS your clone for sure, but in the profile picture of you with Sebastian he looks just like you! I'm surprised, because I don't see it so much in person (he looks more like a combo). But in that close-up with your face near his--wow! You look so much alike.

I think his middle name should be Kismet ("destiny"). That's a mouthful for a little guy though!