Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sebastian is sitting up now, he also loves cooing and gurgling away at us.

Below is a recently acquired New Years 09 pic
We had a fun little party.

I've metioned how I love to melt all over this little guy before, yes?

I can't wait for Spring. The real Spring. Not the cold one day then kinda warm the next March rainy days. The true go out and plant stuff spring. I swear we didn't have one last year. It just rained till it flooded and then snowed in April. Below Charlotte builds an impressive snowman. It took her quite a bit of work. I had to help put the middle ball on. I don't know how we did it. No kidding that middle ball had to have weighed 60lbs.

I have been packing with the kids all day and took a break to nurse the baby.

Humm, Penelope and Layla are mooning each other right now. The dog is barking loudly indoors. I'm being told it's snack time. So I go....

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tansy said...

he is a cute little fella!