Life With Nine Kids

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day in the life...

Everett still has no middle name, and we better finalize his name soon I need to get his birth certificate filled out and sent in so I can get a SS card for taxes. Turns out these little blessings are worth money! ;)

We have been pulling up our carpet to get to our hardwood floors. That has been a great family project and a perfect example of life learning. The kids have learned about how carpet and flooring is put in and how to pull it up. They are also learning about many kinds of tools, how to use them carefully and the importance of doing things yourself. It's fun to have the confidence for a do-it-yourself project and then the feeling of accomplishment to see it through. This is only the beginning because hopefully in the near future we will sand and refinish the old floors together!

I had a dream I got pregnant ... and then two days later in the dream I got pregnant again. LOL! This dream cracked me up. Fertile much?
Kids crack me up...
I was stressed one evening and didn't come up with anything for dinner. I was changing clothes and thinking about dinner verbalizing my stress saying, "What am I going to do..what am I going to feed everyone? I'm so stressed!" Layla heard me and started pestering me verbalizing her own stress at a computer game she was playing in my room. She started dramatically repeating over and over, "Ohhh what am I going to doooo?!" I said, "At least you don't have to feed all these kids...what am I going to do!?" She replied, "YOU should hope you don't have any more kids."

bwahaha. Layla is 6 going on 12. She's also a lawyer in the making. You can't get the last word in and she has a come back for everything. Everything.
Last night I was remembering the time Penelope's footie PJ's didn't fit her. I said calmly to her and her daddy, "Well we could cut the feet off I guess." In horror she cried, "Noooooooooooooooooo." I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I explained to her that Mommy and Daddy were talking about cutting the footie socks feet off off the jammies and not her actual feet! Poor girl.
Recently I was asked what funny things Charlotte said incorrectly when she was a little girl and I recalled the time she told me that her little brother Sage was bothering her. She said, , "Mom! Sage is getting on my last nerd!"

Love. kids.

The days are running into each other for me. Everett is getting big --over 12 lbs. He is almost 8 weeks old. He has fat rolls. He is awesome. I need to post a picture! Pictures coming.

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