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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A snowy day

The snow out my window is a white blanket of sweet luster. It makes me happy to see how bright it is outside. The bare gray tress and skies of Missouri make me loathe winter more than the cold does. But the snow, well snow is pure and elegant. It’s pretty and soft. It’s romantic and cinematic. Snow makes winter palatable.

I have been making myself complete tasks and go to things lately. I’m very much a homebody. I’m a hermit. In general I can stay home most of the time, but the winter…well it’s ridiculous. I never want to leave. I could never leave and be so happy about it. You may hear me say that I should get out of the house or that it will be good for me to get out of the house, but you will rarely hear me say that I have to get out of the house. So I’m making myself get some things done and I’m making myself get out of the house for other things besides homeschool events and grocery shopping. Even though I often find it easy to get myself motivated to get out of the house for homeschool things I still had to make myself sign up for this session of a homeschool co-op. I also enjoy that it’s called the spring session even though it’s still the dead of winter. This means spring is going to unfold during the period in which we are enrolled. This means spring is in sight.

So I had to go to a Mother blessing this last week. I say had to like it was a chore, it was not! It was just a 100% priority type of thing. It was amazing beauty and fun. Then this week I’m bowling with the kids and I have on Saturday a women’s retreat to attend. This for me is being BUSY. LOL. But I’m making myself do these things. It’s good for me and when I do things for me I feel good. But I do have to MAKE myself.

The kids are painting in the kitchen and sound really obnoxious, which is ruining my peaceful snow mood! I must go to play a game with Layla now and ponder on what dinner might be. Oh and lunch…. Hummm.

Oh I haven’t even let the chickens out yet today, they probably don’t want out in the snow anyway. Fun for me is a walk in the snow to collect eggs. I love my life. It might be boring to some, but I really just love it.

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