Life With Nine Kids

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life in January

fatty rolly polly baby

New hair cut --self done (hubby helped with the back!)

Kids get some fun stuff in the mail from Aunt Christy!

Playing smoochy in the snow :)

Chickens DO NOT want out at all...and their hen house is a MESS.
Oh-my-chicken-poo-god is there going to be a lot of fertilizer for the yard this spring.
We usually clean out the house seasonally and it doesn't get too bad because they are outside 99% of the time.
Since it's been so snowy though...this is bad...

We could NOT get Sebastian to sit down for this family photo.
We kept asking him and asking him. So i decided to seize the
moment. This is real life after all.


Charli Armstrong said...

Great photos! Love the haircut!

tansy said...

your hair looks great!

life looks full and content. <3

Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Thanks so much!! :)