Life With Nine Kids

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Moon Magazine for girls ...homebirth!

Yesterday afternoon Charlotte headed to her room to gobble up the latest issue of New Moon Magazine. New moon is a magazine for girls that is safe, educational and ad free. It's content is always carefully chosen to build self esteem and positive body image. After a bit Charlotte ran downstairs hollering, "Mom! Mom, look!" She flung open the pages and shoved in my face an article about a homebirth family and their experience with the close family bond of birth at home. She was so excited. I'm such a proud mama to that young lady that she understands the impact that article has on our society. The challenge to normalize birth in a culture of birth fear does not go unrecognized by her and that makes me proud. As New Moon strives to never exclude anyone they included a side bar explaining that hospital birth is a choice many families make and that is ok, homebirth is just a different option. Bravo to New Moon for being an amazing influence on girls and for treating birth as a normal family experience.

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