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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make watermelon smoothie with your car

Today little Penelope asked to make smoothies. She wanted to try using the frozen watermelon we had in the freezer. It was frozen in a iceberg like hunk in a plastic baggie. I explained to her why we couldn't put it in the blender like that. So as I pondered taking it outside and smashing it with a hammer I asked Penelope,
 "What do you think would happen if we ran it over with a car?"
Her blue eyes got wider and she said with a grin, "Let's DO IT!"

So we call all the kids up and down from various rooms of the house and tell them we have an experiment to try if they want to watch. Penelope and Sebastian some how get in our Excursion before I even get outside, the older kids must have opened the doors for them. I put the watermelon baggie in a plastic grocery bag because this is not the first time I've ran food over...LOL. (I've made breadcrumbs from croutons like this before! haha)

The little kids are all excited, I get in the car I start it up... wait it won't start. Big disappointment.  Some how the lights got left on and the truck is DEAD.

I call it quits and tell the disappointed little kids we have to wait for Daddy to get home and fix Mommy's car. Sage says, "Wait! Put it in neutral. We'll push it."
They start pushing...

Ethan and Layla join in, and Charlotte takes pictures (Thanks Charlotte! I didn't even know you were taking pictures of this! Awesome!)

They roll the truck over the bag with a splat. I brake and then they roll me backwards. We all gather around to see our watermelon had really splatted. I say, "Five second rule?"
All the kids start scooping watermelon off the ground, leaving most of the underparts that are touching the ground. We figured a little dirt won't hurt.

Penelope puts her frozen watermelon chunks in the blender.  

We added this really tasty fresh strawberry and lime drink Charlotte made this week that we had leftover. We also added a handful of blueberries. Which some of the kids thought might be dirt because of the dark flecks of blueberry skin, it was funny!

I just realized her swimsuit is on backwards. lol.
Super fun. Very yummy.


Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Best watermellon story ever You are such a fun Mom

Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Thanks Aunt Sharon! I was really confused until I relized I'm signed into this blog with your computer and you are on it right now. I really had to think how this showed u[p with my nae as the commenting person. Hahaha. Luv ya!

Magickafoot said...

Lol, that's the kind of thing the kids will love remembering when they grow up....
Supercute pic with the smoothie!


Kimberly said...

I just love love love you guys! I am totally going to have to find a way to come visit you again before your kids are all grown up!

Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Thanks for the comments. Kim- I'd love to visit with you again! You are one of my most favorite people in the world!!