Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stages of getting sick baby back to sleep in the middle of the night

Stages of baby sickness in the wee early morning hours. Usually applies to colds and/or  fever, not stomach bugs.
Stage 1: restless, flops around in bed, needs changed, wide awake, rosy cheeks
Stage 2: happy to get out of bed, talkative, finds a toy
Stage 3: gets bored, throws toys, starts fussing, may need changed
Stage 4:real tears, settles down to nurse, starts kicking legs and gets bored and fussy.
Stage 5: gets bored, sits up, throws toys, looks sad with watery eyes, cries and/or whines a whole bunch
Stage 6: pace around, rocking, singing, more fussing, may need to be in baby carrier/sling
Stage 7: starts to yawn, settles down usually because baby is ready to really nurse, sleep
It's 2:45 am and we are at stage 6

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