Life With Nine Kids

Friday, December 16, 2011

Boxes Rule

Cardboard boxes are a blank canvas. No toy can compare to a nice sturdy brown box to crawl into. Since I order almost every Christmas gift for the kids from Amazon we accumulate loads of boxes. Today we put all those boxes to great use!

Airplane ready for take off!

                                                                 I love this airplane! I love their faces!

 We glued lids from various things as controls. I made a strip of buttons from construction paper that say on, off, eject and uh-oh.

 This box was a tunnel for cars and trucks, but Everett and Layla found a second use for it

  Everett popped out and said, "Raaaaw!" He is cute when he tries to hide and then scare or surprise you. I say, "Ahh!" and he laughs and laughs.

Toy kitchen made from cardboard boxes

Penelope LOVES toy food, tea sets and toy kitchens. Doesn't matter how many tea sets or pretend food she owns, she LOVES all of it. She adores this toy kitchen. She has a "real" toy kitchen in her room but she loves this one more. She asked me if she could keep it for "eighty-four-fourty-days." I told her of course she could.


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Rebecca said...

Where do you store all your boxes and things that you are going to repurpose? Do you have an area for obvious craft stuff, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, bottle lids, etc and then a separate area for bigger things such as furniture that you want to do up?