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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A simply beautiful week in January

Cobwebs in the chicken house

They were beautiful for a long time... and then just totally out of control!

Putting the Dyson vacuum to the test sucking up cobwebs, I'm almost done!

Very impressive!

Looking like a home

They even have art on the wall. Their wood step-ramp is a old dvd rack we repurposed. That thing sat unused for a long time in storage. We didn't want to just throw it out, so it's so cool I finally found a use for it!

Layla comes to show me that we had a grape tomato growing on an old vine in the yard. It's pretty mind blowing that it is January 7 and we grew a tomato. I'm totally flabbergasted. Look how cuuute she is.

~~~~Special Things From Special People~~~~~~~~
We received a very special gift from a very special relative with disabled hands due to a bunch of medical problems, all of which I'm not clear. I think it started with carpal tunnel. The gift is from Kathie, my first step mom who had always been a mom and friend to me. We lost contact due to several factors including her severe medical problems, but that's not important, what is important is that her hands are becoming stronger and that she handmade our entire family scarves and hats (and Everett a baby blanket). I'm so touched by this; these handmade crafts are helping her hands to become stronger and she made them for us.

I'm going to send her these photos and call her we have so much to catch up on. I know she's trying to get online to see pictures of us so if you are reading Kathie please know I tell all the kids about you and they adore and love their gifts. They wore them outside all day and truly LOVED them. They are all beautiful, really, really beautiful. The hard work and dedication to send a family of nine all of these does not go unnoticed or appreciated! xoxo


Looks like the same photo but Penelope has her eyes open in this one, Sage is smiling and we aren't in it. Ok so it's a totally different photo! lol. Everett is sitting on the beautiful blanket she made him.

It was a beautiful warm week in felt so good to clean up outside, clean the backporch, get the chicken house clean and run around with the kids. I enjoyed watching Layla play with Everett outside. I watched Layla put Everett on the slide from my kitchen window. To myself I said No Layla noo...I watched and assured myself she was doing a good job, and she carefully let him start to go while still holding on to him an extra few seconds to give him a slow start. He liked it. It's so enjoyable watching her become 'the new big sister.'

I'm seriously ready for spring.

 Ricky and I really enjoy doing this stuff together.

Speaking of time I still need to write about so many things here that I've wanted to (including Christmas)! I'll get to it. I the meantime I wanted to write and post pictures of chickens and a special handmade gift.

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Naptime Seamstress said...

I am seriously impressed that you cleaned your chicken coop with a dyson. Wow! I didn't even know I was supposed to clean my chicken coop!!!

I'm guessing my Farmer husband does something to it - I just feed the birds, talk to the birds, and collect the eggs. :)

Ours has cobwebs, too - so maybe I'll suggest he get out the vaccuum sweeper! *L*