Life With Nine Kids

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank You for Spring

How to do yard work with a baby

Waiting for a ride while daddy digs up irises for mommy to replant out front
 At our house smells and sights of spring mean raspberry shaving cream engulfs the bathroom more frequently, happy kids leave a smearing of dirt on whatever they touch --especially in the bathroom. I secretly love that dirty hand prints lurk out from the side of the tub and onto the faucets and counter tops.

The feeling of a dress swirling at my knees, the gentle rhythmic motion of swinging on the porch, black soil thick with wiggly earth worms, and an entire season of goals and dreams fill up conversation time.

Early morning or late evening coffee on the porch with the one I love slows down time...

just for a moment...

On warm afternoons a box fan vibrates in the window as a backdrop of sound. Thunder, rain, birds, tender frogs and laughing kids take center stage and consume longer afternoons and evenings. Thoughts of gratitude, beauty, and many blessings fill me up. Thank you for spring.

Me in the tulip tree in our front yard

My beautiful daughter Charlotte

Sebastian enjoying spring days

The chicken on my shoulder isn't the best thing about this picture

Penelope starting tomatoes


Anonymous said...

sitoOh, how I love your photos and the delight you take in your family. I knew you and your lovely daughter looked alike but I didn't realize you could also wear the same dress!

Thanks so much for sharing a bit of the love you all share with one another.


jamie said...


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

baby in a hole. chicken on a shoulder. baby climbing into the window. <3