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Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Birthday was AWESOME!

I went to bed cranky and then I woke up cranky on my birthday yesterday...I was looking forward to my birthday just last week and then for some reason I just didn't care. Oh yes, that's right, the reason I didn't care was because I was cranky!

Layla was being difficult yesterday morning so that made me irritated and snippy on top of cranky. I then accused my husband of never liking my ideas after I told him what gate I wanted/found for my up and coming goose and turkey pen. I apologised and admitted I was in the wrong and just cranky. Then an hour later I found a gate that is 1000 times more awesome on craigslist (and a 5 minutes drive from us). If he hadn't had criticized the gate I thought I wanted I might not have looked for another. He's awesome. He's SO good at what will look good outside our house.

Ricky went to work for a few hours yesterday but told me he scheduled a half day! That was a nice surprise! I had my coffee as the other kids tricked downstairs to wish me happy birthday. They grabbed some cereal while I shuffled off to the chiropractor alone at 9am (with not a single kid with me)! After my appointment I snuck over to Goodwill which is right next door. I had a lovely time shopping alone (retail therapy!) and found some birthday goodies as well as a couple surprises for Charlotte and Penelope (jewelry and barbies). I came home in a great mood. :) I love some good finds.
Pearl charm necklace

Old plug in wall clock. I love old clocks! I didn't have any, until now!
I love the old style constant moving of the second hand.
When I got home Everett was ready for a nap, so after I got him asIeep I felt like I had more free time. I hung out with the kids and Charlotte gave me an adorable handmade vase of spring tissue paper flowers.

Sage and Ethan gave me a nice three piece kitchen knife set, and Penelope gave me several birthday cards she made for me. She’s been making me early birthday cards since last month. It’s been super cute.

We hung out happily at home and played outside in the rainy weather. We collect Lalaloopsy Minis and I bought a new Lala' house with a new girl named Blossom Flower Pot for Penelope to “give to me.” It was the cutest thing ever, look at this face and hug when she thanked me for getting it:

Ricky pulled up in the afternoon around 1:30 and surprised me with a famous Blue Owl Restaurant Levee High Apple Pie and ice cream. He also brought me a Five Guys Cheeseburger, and a bottle of Besitos Sweet Red Mad Housewife Wine (I haven’t been able to find it ). That was a lot of stops he did on his way home! As I was eating he gave me one of my most loved and prettiest birthday cards ever.
He always picks nice cards that say the most sweetest things.
I just realized I still have the pretty one he gave me for my birthday last year in my kitchen! I framed this one, nope I don't care I'm a dork, not one bit :)

Then I got to open more presents... A new camera and a new ipod!!!! I haven’t had an ipod in a very long time and my camera has been falling apart literally for the past year, it's shutter is gone and it's zoom is broken. I want a SLR camera but it’s not the right time for us time and money wise, so my darling husband researched and got me a camera with a lot of bells and whistles and an easier learning curve for me. And, Geez there is a lot to learn about this camera! I’m really excited about it!

We took a walk outside and checked the mail. I got a beautiful handmade card from my dear Mother-in-law. It is so pretty! I should take a photo.
So, after a wonderful couple hours of hanging out and I got a call from the guy on Craigslist about the 1000 times better gate. Ricky and I hopped in my car to meet him down the road. It’s so cute! It’s an old antique double loop style gate. Double loop fencing is an old fashioned fencing style that is pretty cost prohibitive today. I adore it. I keep my eye close to craigslist for someone selling the fence, but haven’t found any online. They don’t make the old good stuff anymore, but you can buy the new reproduced version stuff online. I haven’t been able to find it for less than $300-350 a 100ft roll. Crazy right!? And that's the new version, which I suspect is not as great or thick.

The fence looks like this:
Photo found online
                                          So I have myself a old douple loop gate now.
                                                    An oddly awesome birthday gift.

The guy I bought it from has two more. I want them but honestly just don't need them right now. Bummer though. These are hard to find!
See what a cool old gate!?
In the picture Ricky is thinking: How am I going to get my wife away from these kids? At this moment we are trying to leave for dinner. The baby woke up right as soon as we were walking out the door. So I decided let's cut into that big ol' pie before we leave.

Blue Owls Levee High Apple Pie is famous for it's huge height, 18 hand peeled apples, and it's smothering caramel pecan topping. It really is amazing, it's been on The Food Network and is one of "Oprah's favorite things" -so it is actually famous.

I found these powder blue shoes at Goodwill on my birthday, too! Love!
Finally we were able to leave. Several times I thought we should just stay home but the kids insisted everything was fine at home. We rented a movie on Hulu for everyone and Charlotte took a few picture of us and we were off!

Ricky took me to a new place. A real treat to travel into the "city" further than we usually go with children at home. He surprised me by taking me to a wonderful, cozy, patio oyster bar in a gorgeous quiet urban neighborhood. Ricky was quick to point out after a half hour we saw 6 dogs with their owners and only one child.
Inside the floor was a gorgeous tile/mosaic pattern that looked extremely expensive, the wall of antique styled mirrors made me feel right at home. The bathroom had a sliding wood door and was very nice as well. What a great vibe the place had.

It was dark by the time we sat down on the patio...comfortably dark and cozy. A little slice of Paris. The wine list was massive and the menu small and interesting. We shared 12 raw oysters, fried frog legs, and an oyster cream soup with chives and bacon. Everything was delicous including the frog legs which I have never liked before. Good thing I'll try anything twice.

The café windows, which open outward are absolutely darling. As we sat and enjoyed the setting, each other, and the food I became comfortable with the fact that one day our children will be grown and we'll be able to do this all the time.

(I didn't take the two pictures above. I nabbed them online, they are taken by Jennifer Silverberg)
 I wanted a photo of us in front of the place but I couldn't figure out my night time camera setting. I'll have to work on that. I've always wanted pictures in front of the more interesting places we dine or visit so that might be a future photo project as I learn about my new camera.
What an amazing birthday, thank you dear husband and kids of mine.
I am SO SPOILED! With a capital "S."


jamie said...

so freaking awesome. i love and miss you guys. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

love and miss you tons