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Friday, June 29, 2012

Garden and Zoo (and even at the zoo we are drawn to the farm animals)

A patch of mint.

I love making garden signs.
Sage wants me to make a sign for our corn that says
"Farmed and Dangerous" and I'm totally going to do it.
We are really into parodies and word play. It's kinda crazy.  We use word play everyday and I think it makes us abnormal (but awesome). For example, when I'm digging up/transplanting hostas I'm found of saying: "Hosta la vista, baby" over and over for no apparent reason. It's fun. We also make up our own parodies from lines of songs on a regular basis and right out of the blue. What's awesome is that another family member in earshot usually adds to whatever kooky thing the other is spewing. It's good fun that is out of hand. Charlotte made me very proud by simply making a parody of this in the swimming pool at a fitting moment.

Helpers watering. Everett looooves watering. Sometimes I have him water just to give him something to do.

This is the baby hen's new pen. They graduated and moved away from the goose and guinea garden. Their new pen is inside our big chicken pen. Charlotte and I put this pen up all by ourselves! I had not realized how much I have learned about fencing from my husband! I had nearly forgotten that my first attempt (alone) at a fence years ago was a fail, now I did this!!  The baby hens are separated from the big chickens so the big ones can get used to the little ones. The little hens become part of the flock slowly and won't get picked on in a couple of months when we integrate them all. We move them into a protective house at night as there is no night protection here, but the dog house provides shelter from storms. 

The last two weekends we have been: fixing garden gates, seeing that the Japanese beetles are dying (organic sprayed last week), moving baby hens to start socializing with the big hens, making baby hen pens, watering, planting more herbs, planting sunflowers,  swimming geese, making farm expansion plans for next year with Charlotte and Ricky, enjoying life so much. We also have had creek trips, park trips, a zoo trip, and homework and housework to keep up with. It's a busy life we have created for ourselves!

 Two weekends ago Sage (12) split his first log.
I'm noticing that slowly the kids enjoy outside work more and more. This wasn't even anything I needed done, he just wanted to learn.

The geese admiring themselves in mirrors. 

Zoo Pictures

GOATS! We were making tentative plans for goats next year and now seeing the kids with them...
wellllll.... that just makes it even more of an exciting thought. 

We admired the goats the most of all

Everett totally fell asleep with his pop and it was sooo cute! He kept eating it and sucking it.
I got it away from him without too much trouble after I took some cute and funny pictures.

... It's such a big wide world ....

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