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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Obsessions (and some picture fun!)

After I finally found my antique bed (after waiting patiently for at least three years) 


I immediately jumped into another obsession: Hoosier cabinets.  
I really, really, really love them. I adore the feel of a kitchen with shelving and "furniture" instead of built-in cabinetry. If I ever re-do my kitchen I'm tearing out the cupboards and bad counter tops. I'm going with shelves and free standing cabinets, and a huge oversize farm house sink just like this. We have plenty of other things to worry about and do braces for kids, actual home repairs, and buying food (lol).  (Also something called student loans.) But it's fun to dream.

At any rate, I did not have to wait long for my third really special big antique -the second one to be acquired this season!!!! I'm so thrilled and only feel a tiny bit guilty that I just bought myself a Father's Day present. Heh. Seriously though I'm spoiled and I'm going to rot. I am not allowed on Craigslist. I'm banned until next year, because there are too may good vintage goodies on there. 

This is mine now!

Probably three reasons that Ricky made this happen for me (even though we have to stick to our dang budget, and we didn't!) 1. He likes to see me smile and jump up and down in excitement. 2. This was a good deal -under $100- and he knows he'd shell out more for one further down the road (average price around here is $300). 3. We actually DO need more cabinet and counter space in the kitchen. It will be really super helpful!  

Other pictures and farm things going on at our house:

Penelope picked raspberries for breakfast Saturday morning. It was this moment that made me inspired to get back in the garden and plant some seeds. Charlotte graciously offered to till two more small areas and I was able to plant some more tomato starts. (Starts from February I had not found places for yet most the others were in the ground  long ago.) Charlotte planted honeydew seeds, too. I had some extra potatoes that now had room too. Really excited about growing potatoes this year! The other ones I planted are coming up nicely! I've never done potatoes.

Two years ago I bought 6 thorny raspberries and 6 thorn-less raspberries. The thorned variety thrived and I want more! The thorn-less all died out. (they may have needed more water.) My experince with thorn-less blackberries is much better. The top picture above and below includes one of our blackberry areas.

Gosling flapping wings after a nice swim under the blackberry garden.   

The guineas and geese are getting acquainted. The geese are sassy and confident and have no problem making it known that just because the guineas were here first doesn't mean the ganders aren't grander. 

Swimming and bathing geese

Chicks resting in the iris leaves

This is the goose house, the baby hens are guests until they are big 
enough to go to the big chicken house and pen.

Found this old dresser for super-super cheap -it was an awesome find.
Lil' Everett
Roses I planted 2 years ago 
My Kitchen
If I ever get the time/money/courage... this stove and lower cabinet is gone! They will be removed and the vintage stove I bought four years ago will go in. I need to have it professionally inspected and installed. I'm not sure if' it's safe for use yet, but it should be ok. It's really cool though regardless!

Too many aprons? Not if wear 'em and love 'em!

Chicken house area, newly planted 

Chicken house, just cause I like it. I've posted pictures of it before.


Anonymous said...

Those are such wonderful pictures! You have a lovely home. I think we had a cabinet like that growing up. You have such panache; I wish I had a sense of style like that. I think I'm just attracted to anything shiny or sparkly, LOL!

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Thanks! I'm super flattered :)