Life With Nine Kids

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July Game Day!

Fourth of July Game Day was a huge success. We had so much fun. A bunch of the kids told me things like: this was the best 4th ever, the games were fun, and thanks for planning it mom. :) 

Watermelon eating contest (a slow one, not fast)

I love Everett's face in this picture! Sweet baby. I love this picture!

Ethan wins, but Penelope and Sebastian say they do.

Charlotte made 130 water balloons!

Water fight!

Sack Races- Charlotte wins

Sack Races- Layla wins (Penelope a close second!)

Dad wins the whipped cream cheerio face contest

Dad throws cheerios on kids

Cold water gargle contest - Charlotte wins

Drip, drip, goose. Like duck, duck, goose except you get water dumped on you when they say "goose." 

Talking to Everett about the game we are playing. (Half of front yard is fenced off with orange fence because we are trying to regrow grass on that side of yard. The dog and kids on the tire swing just about killed it!)

Egg Roulette. 7 raw eggs, 11 hard boiled. Everyone takes turns splatting them on their own head to see who is lucky and who is not...Ricky= NOT lucky !!! He smacked his HARD!! lol! It was AWESOME.

Charlotte thought there was only one raw egg...hahhaha there were 7! 

Sage gets creamed. 

Ethan was lucky! Not one raw egg, he wins!

Apple Bobbing

Cute Penelope wins! Look at that proud face! 

Smoke bombs in bucket of water, just because

Pop Time!

Getting ready for the soda-mentos experiment

Soda-mentos experiment

The yearly 'on the house steps' 4th of July picture 

Another watermelon picture, I love the watermelon pics!


Anne Kimball said...

Hi, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm. We have a lot in common! Found you on the Circle of Moms contest. Good luck!

Kathryn Armstrong said...

Omg, Shauna. Can't believe how big your kids are now. They are gorgeous, of course! Just letting you know I still check in on ya from time to time. Much love! Kathy a.k.a. dustspeck ;)