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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy National Chicken Month!!!

This month intends to promote the consumption of chicken...but chickens are so much more than food. They are fun to watch, fun to feed, fun for kids to frolic with. They are good at eating bugs and their manure is good for gardens. I actually support less chicken consumption because most chickens are raised in inhumane conditions. It's also important to note that while buying "free range eggs" feels good there is actually no legal definition in the United States of what that means. There is no common standard to what the term means either. It does not mean they roam and forage in grass; they may only get small area of concrete pad.

I support and encourage more backyard flocks so families can enjoy self sufficiency and healthy tasty food, whether it be for eggs, meat or both. When people decrease their dependence on factory farms smaller family farms benefit and so do the animals and our health. So, wish a farmer or backyard enthusiast a Happy National Chicken Month! 

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