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Monday, December 31, 2012

SICK AGAIN: You've got to be kidding me!?

Life was getting back to normal. We got over the flu and in two short weeks we celebrated Sage's 13th birthday, we went ice skating, we saw Santa, I got all the laundry caught up again, I was feeling 100% better, I cleaned and de-cluttered like crazy; I even dusted the ceiling fans. We decorated inside and out and baked tons of cookies, we made Christmas cookie care packages for all service people/ mail carrier who stopped by, we happily made crafts, Smith-wick (our elf) brought great joy and fun. Sugarplums danced in our heads for the better half of December. I spent loads of time doing other things with the kids too, like making Santa faces from paper plates and cotton balls, watching Christmas movies, hanging red and green paper chains all over the house, playing and reading. We made delicious homemade pretzels and everyone settled in and enjoyed the time together (and being well again). On the Winter Solstice we decorated a tree outside with apple rings, birdseed pine cones and circle pretzels as offerings for the "snow angels" just like in Little Bear, and we sang.
Things were indeed TONS better. The kids were weaned of the TV after being sick and overloading on it, the house looked great, we were happily awaiting Christmas Eve. Then I noticed sniffles and sneezes starting up in the kids. I soon woke up with a sore throat, it appeared we were getting a cold. Just a day before Christmas Eve a few younger kids had fevers. I was nervous but super hopeful and sure it would be no big deal... Christmas Eve came and we watched my favorite comedy Christmas movie that we all totally enjoy and laugh wildly at, Jingle All The Way. Christmas morning came early (5:30am) and we had a lot of fun and family time full of joy. Sebastian enjoyed his toys for a few hours and then laid down on the couch with a warm rosy face; the poor little guy burned up from there on and didn't get up the rest of the day except for us to give him drinks. Ricky felt under the weather by 11am and took a nap until 1:30. Aunt Sharon and Grandma visited and overall we had a nice time and pretty Christmas dinner. By the time they left Charlotte was in bed sick and other kids seemed feverish, too.
For the following seven days after Christmas I walked around the house getting lethargic laid up kids orange juice, water, hot tea, cold rags, medicine, tissues and small meals while repeating to myself "I just CAN NOT freaking believe this. THIS IS SO NOT FAIR." Ricky recovered quickly and was able to help me thank goodness ( just as I got sicker). It was/is an upper respiratory virus and some of us now appear to have bronchitis. It's not nearly as bad as the flu but it still took its toll on all of us. With the flu it was just misery, with this "cold" at least Ricky and I got to spend time together snuggling and watch TV (although interrupted often by kids needing us). So now we're back to square one, recovering as I pick up the pieces of a messy house and getting caught up on laundry. I so did not expect this! We've never all been sick with a flu or cold ALL at the exact time and here it happened back to back in the same month and with a vengeance!! I can't fathom it still, even though I lived it! I'm thankful we are up healing up faster this time and even us bronchitis stricken people actually seem to be fairing okay. In hindsight we are awesome and we are troopers and we overcame all of this: but man did it suck. (Still sucks since we really aren't over it yet.) New Years Eve is upon us and no one feels like eating much, nothing sounds good at all and as a result we have no party food or drinks or noise makers. Bah! Humbug! :) In reality though my head is full of snot and I'm coughing like crazy so I don't care. I've been holding Everett all day because he's still not feeling well. I wanted SO bad to be all better this morning that I thought I was... I was so determined. I started trying to do my normal Monday routine: stripping the bed for washing, making the bed, cleaning my room, starting the laundry, making breakfast... I made it as far as taking the pillow cases off our pillows, making hot tea and starting one load of laundry before I was EXHAUSTED and holding a fussy baby on the bed as we both dozed off restlessly.
I can not wait to be normal again!! I have things to do and kids to enjoy and decorations to put away and a house to clean... we have loads of school we have to catch up on and I have so much hope that this was the last of illness we need to have for a long time! I hope the winter goes by as fast as it came and with lots of: trips to the Magic House, school/art projects, more pretzel making, good conversations, family games, hot cocoa, winter hobbies, a few home projects... and a snowman or two!


Heather carter said...

Here's hoping you are all feeling better. I am a newer reader to your blog but I felt the need to stop and comment. I am a mother of 8, ages 9,8,6,5,5,3,2, and 11 months and we are due in May with our 9th. I feel like so many of the things I have read on you blog, I could have written myself. (right down to your furnace woes!) Our family got sick shortly before Christmas- it was awful and lasted about 10 days. Then yesterday everyone woke up sick- again! I thought, YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!? just as you did. We are a relatively healthy family as we homeschool and aren't exposed to an onslaught of germs all the time. Anyway. Felt I should drop you a note- I look forward to reading more of your blog.

-Heather Carter

Claudia said...

What's about the 'bun in the oven'? :) I waited for a post but it didn't come ;) 8 is on his/her way :):)??? In that case; congrats!!!

gabriela arias said...

you are AMAZING......!!!!

I wish I could think of a bigger or better word to describe how I feel about you, but AMAZING is all I can come up with!

I discovered your blog today, and couldn't help myself but spend a couple of hours reading it. I am deeply moved by the life that you share with us on your blog, and I apologize in advance for the long comment.

I am 23 years old, the oldest of four, (23, 22, 19, 18)
my paternal grandmother had 8 kids and my maternal grandmother had 7.

the way that both my parents describe their childhood, the way they smile in their childhood pictures and look so carefree in the silent videos, I have always asked myself, ''How did they do it?''

living in the time that we live now, where people struggle with an only child, with the responsibility, with raising them, with BEING HAPPY, and personally coming from a very broken and dysfunctional family, I have always feared the same day that I have always looked forward to, having children! I have feared that I don't have what it takes to make it work, that all the love and money in the world might not be enough, that living successfully (happily) like this was something only possible in the past,

and this is something that is constantly present in my heart and mind, because being a mother is something I have always wanted and look forward to more than anything...

you have INSPIRED me more than any one !! beyond words!! the hope I lost with my personal experience almost feels completely restored after seeing your family. obviously nobody and no family is 'perfect', but I see with you, that with FAITH in oneself and life, LOVE, and STRENGTH, you can achieve harmony and JOY in your family life, be it with 7 kids or 1.

you have inspired me into believing that no past experience or negative example can get in the way of my own dream of having a happy family, this HOPE is something priceless, I am almost in tears, and I have you and your family to thank.

you and your husband do an UNBELIEVABLE job, in keeping your kids happy, and giving them the strength and knowledge to grow into happy adults.

and to top it off, you EDUCATE them yourself, promote unassisted birth, breastfeed, enjoy cooking, and even doing CRAFTS with your children!!

you are my HERO!!

there is no doubt in my mind that your children will be amazing, fulfilled, adults, that will contribute each in their own way to positive change in the world.

again, THANKYOU.

Anissa- Tijuana, Mexico

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

THANK YOU for such a sweet comment, gabriela arias! It truly touches my heart and makes me glad I share my blog with others! I totally feel the way you do. It's hard work and very stressful but it's really how we just feel life is the most meaningful for us. We love the tradition of family and the way family used to be. We really feel we create our own beauty and love in our own life with our actions and passion for family and for each other. Thank you so much for such an inspiring comment. I often think about writing a book about family and you have helped convince me I should think about it again.

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Thank you, Heather!
It's always lovely and inspiring to hear from others that are living the crazy days and happiness of a busy kid-filled life. :) We are now due with our 8th!Congrats to you!

Hi Claudia,
A post is coming. It's true, we are having another mouth to feed and joy to love :) Thank you :)