Life With Nine Kids

Friday, June 28, 2013

Toddler Sibling Love ...and family

Afternoon napping with big brother Everett (2.5)
Oh, toddler and newborn baby joy. Things I've said to Everett (2.5) already this morning:

  • You are trying to nurse her? Humm. Cute. Well I think only mommies nurse babies.
  • No you can't nurse me, I'll get you a snack.
  • Please stop touching her... stop, STOP touching my baby!
  • She cries when you do that.
  • Don't touch her eye.
  • Sure you can pet her on her head. (He says he wants to pet her all the time lol!)
  • No, don't touch her face.
  • Ummm thanks, now stop touching her for a little while.
  • You just held her. She's sleeping now.
  • Careful that's her little foot.
  • Rub her head not her face.

The kids got home yesterday from a trip to see family. They were gone three days and I enjoyed the peace and quiet but also missed them. When they got home last night they engulfed me with smiles, stories and everyone wanted to hold the new baby. They missed her so! They excitedly told me about all the family they saw, how they swim so well (Penelope uses just arm floaties now!) and how they had dessert every night. I adore the happy blessed life they live. I hope I teach them to appreciate it always. May I raise them to always love family, dessert, and the simple pleasures of life. 


Pink Slippers said...

Hi! I am a Mommy to 10 (13 and under). I just stumbled upon your blog. Love finding other 'large family' blogs to read. I'm a new follower!

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Awesome! Thanks! It's always great to meet other big families! :)

Shiner said...

Great family with God as the center.