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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mom’s Mug

Last week Penelope and Sebastian started telling me a story about Sage breaking my most favorite mug. I’m trying to follow along because they are five and seven and rattling off about it loudly over each other and I have no idea what they are saying.

Me: Waahhht are you talking about? My mug is broke? My favorite one, my country girl?!!
Penelope: Yes, that’s what I’m trying to tell you! Your country girl one. Sage broke the handle right off!
Me: WHEN!?
Penelope: When you went to the Dr. 
Sebastian: Yup, SAGE broke it. Uh-uh, he really did. (Really sounded like willy)
Penelope: And it was the day Aunt Shar-Shar picked us up.

 I’m putting dishes away and standing in front of the open cupboard of mugs. I tell her that it’s not broken, I point to the two tone rustic brown mug in the cupboard. The words COUNTRY GIRL are turned away but it’s totally my mug. “See right there it is” I say.
Sebastian and Penelope go crazy laughing and jumping up and down, “It’s not! It’s really not your one.” I look at it closer and notice the rustic coloring is a little different (each mug is individually unique).  Now I’m thinking all-be-darn is that my same mug? I use this mug everyday…  I suddenly half realize and remember the weekend they were with Aunt Sharon my mug was missing! I didn't look very hard for it at the time. I figured it would turn up.
I still insisted, “See guys THIS IS my mug.” In one swift swoop I picked it up, turned it right side up and around so the words were facing me and I notice the words scrawled across it… FARM GIRL. 
The coloring variation is more vivid in person, but you get the idea

HUH?! I’m totally baffled! I start busting up in serious laughter. I did not see that one coming at all.
Penelope and Sebastian couldn’t wait out the sibling secret any longer; they just had to get it out. They squealed wildly, “Charlotte bought you a NEW MUG! Told you it wasn’t your old one.”

Laugh my butt off. Those two little kids kept that secret for 5 days! I'm impressed. 
I never noticed on my own! LOL!

I love my new mug! Charlotte had bought me my old one three Christmases ago at a feed store two hours away and she bought me my new one too. Love those kids. And Charlotte is so sweet to think to stop at that same feed store. It’s my new favorite!

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