Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seven Months

 Seven months have passed like a flash of lightning. Baby Bee snuggles in-between us during the night; she has open, soft, relaxed hands until she's hungry and she grabs for me tightly as she nurses into another deep slumber. At sunrise she batts her long eyelashes at us and we're pretty stunned how fast it goes. Another newborn grown and gone... and now a little curious, wide eyed sweetheart blooms before our watchful eyes.

 I left the bed for a moment one early morning, leaving a large gap between her and her daddy. In under a minute she had scooted up against her daddy to find security. It was precious.

 Beatrice talks to all of her siblings when they enter the room. Her face lights up as she scans their familiar faces and she lets out a intentful wide mouthed "ahh-aah" sound as her arms flap like a baby bird. The kids all take the time to acknowledge her with their own brand of greetings and Baby Bee goes wild with happiness that her little tribe notices her. They always say hi to her, they always carry on about how cute she is. Watching her face light up and her brain make familiar connections as she learns we all live with her is one of many great joys we get from having her in our lives.
 Her personality is sweet and watchful, content but careful. She nods her head into my chest when she gets bashful. She sucks in her bottom lip when she's interested. She smiles when she's filled with joy. She squeaks and carries on when I walk by; she has a call for me and the squeaking gets louder and then sadder sounding the longer I take at responding. I usually am able to get her before she cries out, she's learned communication with me is working and I hear her. I love this little sweetie so much. It's such a blessing to get to do this all over again.


Alexandra Mercer said...

You describe life with a baby in a large family so well, I love living in a large family too.

That top photo is adorable! x

Susan said...

I just found your blog and I love it! You have links about parenting that I am going to check out.

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Thanks for the comments Alexandra and Susan!

Susan, thanks and I'm so glad you like it. Just when I think I'll stop blogging publicly (because it is weird putting my family and my self out there so much) I get nice comments like yours. I do enjoy blogging!

Susan said...

Oh good! I had a blog for about 6 years and I stopped for a while and it was hacked into while I wasn't keeping an eye on it! So I shut it down. I know what you mean about putting your family out there but you have some great stuff and I have to say I read your post about your last birth and you had me laughing but most of all if I have another baby (I have 5) I feel as if I could do a home birth. You make it sound so natural and beautiful! Anyways you do what you feel you should but I'm sure you are helping others without knowing it ;-)