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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Second Birthday Beatrice!

The kids were so excited about Beatrice turning two. It's seriously sweet and cute. I have heard non-stop about her birthday for two weeks. They made homemade cards and presents for hours the day before her birthday. Layla made Beatrice Bee-noculars! How cute is that?! Beatrice loves the song 'going on a lion hunt' where you act out going through tall grass, water, hills, Etc. Bee sometimes acts all nervous at the end when there's a lion. It's ADORABLE! Layla made her Bee-noculars to go with the hand motions to the song while looking for the lion.

Sweet quotes I caught the day before her birthday:
Sebastian (6) making Beatrice a birthday card:
 "I just made her a really sweet deal. Her birthday card has a dime and a penny in it, and now I'm going to put a nickle and a quarter in it."
Penelope (8) "I'm so excited it's Bee's birthday tomorrow!!" -She said this no less than 50 times!
Penelope (8): "I am so glad I'm a big sister."

Penelope wrapped the presents for her sister last week. Everett(4) insisted we needed a pinata, so at the local feed store I let the kids buy some candy by the pound. Not sure what we were going to use as a make shift pinata, but I kinda left them unsupervised with the candy and they ate most of it the day before her birthday. haha.

Charlotte (18) has been working in a grocery store bakery and she has been promoted to "lead cake decorator." Very exciting and fun! She has been given tons of creative freedom and is having a blast using her artistic side to decorate cakes and expand her decorating skills. I had never seen her make frosting roses before, and she made some under the beehive and they are SO great! This is one proud mom! When she left for work today Everett (4) told her how to make a bee themed cake for Beatrice. He's four, so you can imagine how he goes on and on, wheels turning a mile-a-minute. He is such an interesting, creative, and funny kid. He has the wildest imagination, too.
When Charlotte brought the cake home and showed Everett he excitedly said, "Exactly what I wanted!"

We had a big birthday bash last year. This year we had a relaxing family day celebrating our sweet Baby Bee.

 Beatrice LOVED her presents. I was very careful to pick things I knew she would just love. I mean isn't that always the goal? But I really tried to be careful because there are so many junk toys that kids don't actually play with, and some good toys they don't actually play with either! One thing I ended up buying her was a bee fork and spoon set because she loves small silverware and this was her reaction:
We also got her a barking/walking toy doggie, a bell toy that makes very nice sounds, a bee backpack, and a music player. She loves dancing and singing to music and this player really worked out to be cute. I read loads of reviews for hours trying to get something that would sound okay, be engaging/educational, and not be full of pointless noise. It really worked out to be a good one!

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