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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Already?

I just can't keep up with posting like I used to. Sadly I'm even having trouble keeping up with journaling as well. (private or online) I try though. I have been using facebook for updates to family and to keep in touch with friends. So that kinda takes the steam away from blogging. It shouldn't, but it does. And it's NOT THE SAME.

So my goodness an update of sorts...
We had a wonderful summer and a great garden. Our efforts paid off. At the end of summer I was not ready to give up gardening. I watched as I got the last harvets and wondered what I would do. Then After a few weeks I couldn't stand the thought of doing ALL that work all over again in the spring! Now I'm excited again!!! Planning for a bigger garden ad more fun. I am already planning our garden for 2010!

Our chickens are doing really well. I was going to post photos but I don't think I ever got around to it. Ricky and I put up a nice wire fence and Ricky built them a cool homemade scrap gate.

We had a great Christmas at home with only some disappointment that some family couldn't make it t us due to ice. We had a white Christmas though which was pretty. (not a lot of snow, but enough that everything looked white!)

Right now we are in the process of cleaning up our basement and fixing it up. We aren't 'finishing it' but we are making it a homey nicer place. The kids are playing down there daily already and we are still working on it. We are painting and putting all our board games and extra toys down there. We also shelved any homeschool books, workbooks, Etc we weren't currently using down there. I am an educational material hoarder! We have SO MUCH material so little time :D

We have a membership to the Magic House and have been enjoying it. Otherwise we are all good. Sebastian the baby is SO MUCH FUN. He turned 1 in August. The little girls are growing and have so much fun together! (ages 3 and 5) They play a lot and skip around the house holding hands. Warms a mothers heart. The older kids are playing board games more since I said no more video games before 3 pm and since we fixed up the basement and have a game table down there. So that's really great!

I have many many projects to tent to. I am taking a class about teaching birth art and it starts next week. I thought I'd be so ready for it! And I am not...

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