Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring, new life, how I love you so

Well it's spring again! The winter was kinda long but the worst was the morning sickness! :) I'm pregnant! All that 'we aren't having more kids' stuff...we didn't really mean it, again. At first it was a little shocking. The pressure to have a small family and the stigma that surrounds really big families is some what daunting. It would be easier if we actually were a couple that outspokenly were having as many children as God blessed us with, we know many of these types of people. The famous Dugger family with 19 kids and counting are the most popular family for this belief. They have their own TV show. But we aren't having as many as we are blessed with even though I call each one a blessing and my long lost treasures. We really just enjoy children, don't care for birth control and parenting fills our lives. It gives us love and joy to share with each other. I enjoy creating and growing life. I am a gardener and growing life in my womb or in the ground is completely satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable. I have learned over the years I indeed do both well.

As life goes through streaks of bad and good luck, happiness, sadness, joy and hardship I'm happy to announce right now we are on a lucky streak. This is probably due to me being pregnant. We have the best of luck in life when we bring a new baby into our lives. I don't know why but we both think so. So life is good, things are great, Ricky has some possible really exciting new job opportunities. Our kids are healthy and happy, we are in love and happy, nothing is breaking although we do have several old repairs in waiting that will add up $$$ , and student loans loom overhead like a vulture. But right now we are focusing on all the debt we've paid off in the past 2 years, though. Over 18 thousand dollars we've paid off... we are still scratching our heads and wondering how we did that! (um, it was sacrifice and hard work) We follow a lot of and have read Financial Peace. Overall life has a way of balancing out and for now balance is restored, I'm at my best with our homeschooled children, we have a flow and the warm weather has made my heart warm as well as my mind.

I've been gardening already and am very excited about this season. So far we have lots of baby seeds started and many other things needing planted. I have already started planting some things though! The trees and fruit bushes/plants we planted last year made it through the winter and are growing like weeds, producing flowers and really showing that we are growing stuff! So this year we bought 12 raspberry bushes, 6 more blueberry, 4 thornless blackberry bushes, 5 rose bushes and 50 more strawbnerry plants. I got a tiller for Christmas and it makes a world of difference. I love it! I'm getting into planting flowers this year and doing more landscaping. My main idea has always been landscaping with growing food plants! But I also am finding tons of joy in hostas, roses, azaleas, tulips, daffodils and dahlias. I am really happy.

Our new baby is due in September. I have something to write about her...or him. Soon.


Beth said...

I just love your life! I've been following it since Livejournal (rememeber TheBeginning82?) Anyway,you helped inspire me on my own parenthood journey...we're homeschooling now, I had a home birth, and I might even go unassisted next time! Thank you for sharing :-)

Claire Cramer said...

Hi, my name's Claire and I've been following your blog posts since I found you on LiveJournal a few years ago. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and congratulations on paying off all that debt! I am also trying to follow Dave Ramsey's plan and so far it's been working well.