Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It takes me 2 hours to water everything I have planted. What was I thinking!?

I am now in pregnancy trimester 3 and couldn't be more excited! I'm growing a lil' baby and lots of plants outside all summer long. I think growing babies is easier though. I love doing both a lot though.

I just got Sebastian asleep for a nap and he has his tongue sticking out while he's sleeping. LOL. Funny kid.

Penelope was stuck up a two story slide yesterday at the park. I climbed up a ladder and offered her my free hand. I said, "Just come to me I can hold you and bring you down." And do you know what she said to me? She said, "Noooo you can't get me wit' one hand!"
Thanks for the vote of confidence, kiddo! Sheesh. :)

Ricky came home yesterday and surprised me with a window unit for the kitchen. We don't have air conditioning in the kitchen so it gets hot in the summer. And then when we cook, bake or can it's really a steam oven! I actually haven't really wanted AC in there. I know crazy. It was just one other thing to buy and run on electric and I was concerned how much it'd block my window out (I have 2 windows though). So we've briefly discussed pros and cons in the past but never really decided on buying one and I didn't think we'd buy one this year. Well he comes home with one last night. Let's think this over: He's been working 12 hour days, his car AC hasn't been running and is car is acting up, his birthday is next week... and he thinks to stop and get ME air for the kitchen? He says to me, "Well on the way home I was thinking you are in the hot kitchen more than I'm in my hot car."

What a total sweetheart.
As luck would have it yesterday I got his car an appointment for the fix-it-shop (for Monday) and arranged my schedule so he can use the Kid Bus while his car and air is getting fixed up. Greatness and happiness abounds in a loving marriage.

Well I'm in the middle of cleaning the kitchen (I've been trying to mop for over a week lol) and I'm overhauling the dining room clutter mess --which is more like a craft, piano, playroom with bookshelves and a big table. So I'm going to go fix my house... maybe I'll post pictures in a couple days.

Oh and I need to change the laundry over...


Claire Cramer said...

Good to hear an update. What a sweet husband! Are you expecting towards the end of the summer?

Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Hi Claire,
Yes, I'm due around Sept 22.


Jill said...

Okay girl! if someone ever ask me the definition of a pioneer woman, it will be very easy for me to answer in one word "SHAUNA" I am always amazed by everything you do, all the cooking, baking, yard work, gardening, taking such good care of those kiddos. Now I read that you have done all of the cooking and baking in a kitchen with no AC, so... now I am convinced that you are truly the pioneer woman! and to boot... you have a sweet heart of a hubby that surprised you with an AC, you go girl! and you deserve the AC!!!