Life With Nine Kids

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crazies! Insane toddlers frazzled moms...

Over the last week and a half Sebastian has painted the walls with his dad's deodorant stick (to which the little girls exclaimed happily, "Now our wall smells like Daddy!" :)

He has finger painted vaseline into the couch. He has taken 2 boxes of noodles -1 spaghetti and 1 lasagna- and dumped and smashed them all over the kitchen floor. He crawled into the empty bathtub and used the shampoo pump freely and them proceeded to slip and slide all over the tub in his diaper and T-shirt. (He thought it was fun until soap got in his eyes.) I usually always remove all soaps from the tub when some one is done in there but the other day I forgot. He ransacked the egg basket on the counter, stole some eggs from it and cracked two of them on the bathroom floor.

When I was out of the kitchen last night Sebastian crushed up his asparagus and broccoli up and threw it on the floor. His lovely sisters got him some more veggies, to do the same to. I'd like to think they were just getting him more food TO EAT. But I know different. They enjoyed seeing him make a mess like a monkey.

As if this all wasn't bad enough he cries seemingly nonstop and hits, yells "no!" and just seems grouchy. He cries when his dad is gone. He cries when I'm gone. He takes every toy away from the girls. He's restless at night and crabby during the day. He's got a runny nose and the other day he said his mouth hurt. So maybe he's teething AND has a little cold. The girls have tiny colds, too.

Mostly I recognize this as just one of those stages that makes a person crazy! He'll be two this month and so this stage is were the phrase "terrible twos" is coined. I've never really liked that saying, because I don't particularly like to think babies as being terrible. They are babies. Learning, exploring, testing limits and boundaries. We all do it. Babies just cry more and throw fits and make huge messes. Sometimes I have to admit it is terrible and exhausting, but sometimes it's also funny in that oh my gosh this IS my life sort of way.

He looks tired. I hope I can get him down early for a nap this morning.

Added 8/12/10 I found 4 rolls of sopping wet toilet paper in the bathroom sink. Gee wonder who climbed up on the stool and did that!?


tansy said...

i can completely relate...when sage was a bit older than that, he got into the fridge and threw 8 DOZEN eggs all over the kitchen floor. i about cried....there went half the eggs sales for the week!

he is always (still and he'll be 4 the end of this month) into things. he climbed onto the roof of the barn a few months ago and started talking about borrowing his older brother's skateboard so that he could open the upstairs window and skateboard off the porch roof.

i could go on and on about his antics but i'll stop there. :) on the bright side, he IS getting better/calmer although he has spurts when i want to lock him in the goat crate to keep him from destroying everything w/in his reach, including himself.

hope sebastian works through this phase quickly!

Mom of a Half Dozen Kids said...

Thanks! 8 dozen eggs is A LOT! I should be glad he's never ruined more than 4 at a time lol. I love the skateboard idea --but that is totally scary! lol.

Vin said...

I am uncertain how I came upon your post, but found it a great read. Toilet paper in the sink, classic...

By the way, I was told that if I put the toilet paper roll on its holder with the paper drawing from the back (versus the sheet unrolling from the FRONT of the roll) would keep the baby from spinning a huge pile on the floor. Such a simple thing but it makes sense...