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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is coming

Last weekend was a joy. It started on a sad note as we had to attend my husband’s grandmother’s memorial, but it was really a beautiful time. The service was really beautiful and full of family and love ... what is not to love and be joyous about that! The food served at the church was really amazing and the family time was just great. Our kids looked adorable in their dress up clothes and I enjoyed watching my husband point and name each kiddo to family and friends who he hadn’t seen in years or had never met. He kept saying yup these are my kids and then stop after naming several and go, “Well this isn’t all of them…over there those are ours too…”

Last week was a bit of a bummer when we learned our big Excursion (8 passenger) needed $3000 worth of repairs on it! Ugh! But we just didn't let that spoil our good mood. We also were practically forced to rent something to get to Ricky's grandmothers memorial. But as usual we made the best out of the situation. We rented a pick-up truck bought a bunch of stuff that we could because we had a pick-up truck.

Since we had the truck we finally bought our first “lawn tractor.” Last year we bought a tiller this year lawn tractor. Yee haw. We are excited! I am officially excited for spring now. I have tomato starter plants germinating and the tulips Ricky bought me for Valentine’s Day last year are starting to come up! We were blessed with an easy going February and I’m ready to jump feet first into March. I think that groundhog knows what he is talking about! This is the first time in a while that he didn’t see his shadow and I think he’s right; spring is on the horizon!

Anyway, back to last weekend, it was a fun 3 day weekend where my lovely hubby and I paraded around town buying up hay, cleaning the chicken house out, raking up leaves and watching the kids enjoy some outside time. Those are the things that make us happy!

I have been working on painting and fixing up our basement in my infrequent spare time. It’s looking SO CUTE. The idea is to make it a friendly colorful space where the kids can play and the grown-ups, when needed, can also sneak away and relax. Mostly it’s for the kids to play and for us to say “GO DOWNSTAIRS AND PLAY” ;) I am making it colorful and whimsical. I can’t wait to post photos! It’s still a mess though. We are also making it comfortable for overnight guests, sleepovers or just hanging out. We have (or will have) 2 futons, 1 love seat hide-a-bed and 1 day bed with a trundle down there. So, total that will sleep 7 people. I also want to hang some hammock chairs from the ceiling.

Lately in homeschool land we have been studying a world atlas, learning map skills, reading a science book (overview of lots of basic stuff), keeping up with lessons. I tried out but it’s not really what I wanted. I do like all the games though. I’m still trying to figure it out and getting the kids going on it. I really should have kept We may go back to that; it was easy and very effective. (Just more than I want to spend per kid, and right now I can’t spend much since we have money going out faster than it’s coming in!)

Penelope (4) and Sebastian (2) are in the kitchen playing with Moon Sand. If you know what Moon Sand is you know I’ll be sweeping the kitchen floor soon. Some one thought two things about moon sand: 1. How can we make play doh even messier and 2. How can we play with sand indoors? Wa-lah…Moon Sand was born!

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tansy said...

sorry to hear about your husband's loss.

our 2nd car recently died and we can't find a replacement engine. it's going to be $3-5k to buy a new used vehicle, something we can't really afford. vehicles are a necessary evil in this area unfortunately.

have you tried the website for fun math games? we have been having a lot of fun with them, the cube game is a lot of fun, my 6 yo loves it! i admit i play the games too, they suck me right in, lol.

never seen moonsand and it sounds like it's something we should avoid. :)