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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good-bye forever cardboard boxes, and I should decorate concrete rooms for a living

I've been cleaning the basement lately ...and painting it! I've recently discovered the wonderful thing about plastic tubs. I've been buying the clear ones and I'm getting all my kids' clothes organized and I love being able to see inside of them. I always knew tubs were great but who has money laying around to buy them. Or, enough of them rather. Let's face it a normal sized household would have trouble buying enough bins to store all their stuff in. Well recently I've started buying some. My aunt actually started me on them and she at first bought me a bunch. I've cleaned out several closets, Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff, winter coats/snow stuff and packed all the stuff in plastic tubs. They stack great and look tidy and wonderful and they now take up half the space that boxes used to. Plastic bins have changed my life! Then I packed up DVD's, books, and photo albums all nicely away in plastic tubs. They will last forever if cared for right, nothing will ever get wet, ruined, dirty, smelly, Etc. Mice can't get in them (heheh watch out cats I may replace you with tubs and put you out of a job Muahaha!)

Good-bye cardboard boxes. Forever.

Never did I think I could be so happy about plastic tubs. I like that I can see through the clear ones. Plus I'm finding the clear ones stack better and are less bulky. I like seeing the kids clothes in the clear ones, I don't have to dig through anything I can tell by looking about what age clothes and sex they are for.

Have I mentioned plastic tubs have changed my life?

You might say I'm a poor, bored housewife that needs a life to be so thrilled -- but this is my life and if I just found a way to organize my basement and closets it's like some one else getting a new better filing cabinet or computer program at their office! :D

So the basement is coming along! I want to put a picture up of my latest wall mural but I want to do more with it first! One side of the basement is painted as a whimsical land! And It's going really well! I'm not able to paint anymore though until I clean and move some more stuff. In the basement we'll have a really nice sitting area with toys and whatever else. There is a day bed, a love seat hideaway bed and a futon. Oh, and hanging hammock chairs. In some area of the basement the girls want a baby doll area and I think their toy kitchen. I think they want a house type area. I'm considering bringing in a picket fence so they can have a fenced in play area "house."

Then their will be a video game corner for the boys (and girls, but mostly it's for the boys). With lots of bean bags and a set up for their game systems. I'm considering buying a second used TV so they can play more than one system at a time.

I hope to have room for a small table and chairs. There are also cheap shelves filled with bored games and a game table that needs some stools for it.

I've packed away all the art supplies, extra homeschooling items and anything not being used so the clutter is at a minimum. (In plastic tubs!)

I'm turning our unfinished concrete basement into all of this! Because paint and imagination can do anything!!!! :)

Oh oh... one last thing. Behind my washer and dryer was an ugly wall full of drain pipes and stuff. I noticed it would be really really hard to paint. So I collected and hung many shower curtains behind it. All different kinds/colors/patterns/pictures. I created a instant colorful solution to an ugly problem!

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Molly said...

You're not the only one who loves clear plastic tubs! I love them too--especially the smallish kind that are easy to tote from place to place (mine have little green hand grips). I think I need to replace all my gray ones with the clear kind. You've made me want to go stock up now and embark on a re-organizing project of my own!