Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penelope's First Ant Farm

Yesterday Penelope's ants came for her farm. Today she says, "Mommy, what kind are those ants that are all curled up?" I reply, "Those are sleeper ants." Charlotte is still laughing at my fast reply. Penelope skipped off happily repeating, "Yeah dem are sleeper ants!"

Being a kid is great fun.

Don't dare tell her they are dead. I heard the boys do it yesterday and she was MAD at them. LOL. It's not been a healthy farm so far. We lost a lot of good soldiers already. I'm sure it didn't help that Sebastian(2) threw the ant farm across the room as he said they were mean. Penelope bawled her head off. He apologized. Some ants may not have forgiven him (like the dead ones) but she did.

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