Life With Nine Kids

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild and wonderful adventures in motherhood today...

Today I called 911 when Penelope choked on a chip and the fire department came. I also: had plenty of fun outside time with the kids, took a walk to see news horses down the street, played in the cemetery across the street, cleaned house, made chicken noodle soup, read books, did school work with kids, did laundry and nursed my baby during my dental exam. It was a full day.

So, Penelope didn’t actually choke. I was afraid she would because she was SCREAMING bloody murder and she had a huge chip stuck in her throat that I could feel and see poking out of her throat! I usually don’t think much of things but this seemed extra bad. Plus the screaming freaked me out. Since she couldn’t get it down I called 911 out of frustration more than anything. I totally knew she’d be fine because she was screaming and getting air. When I think back I wonder why I called 911. It was because I could see and feel the chip I think. It was freaky. The fire department is 10 houses away from us. They were here in 30 seconds. (good to know they will get here that fast in a real emergency!) They were super awesome too and made me feel good about calling for help just in case. They even assured to me it was ok to call them again if needed! I remember calling for Charlotte and telling her to make sure Sebastian (2) was looking out the window so he could see the fire truck. LOL. The firemen invited us down to the fire station anytime to visit and have a tour!

My dear husband had to “work late” tonight ...he got to go to a baseball game! Tough job huh? An investment manager invited him and some others. Since it’s his first week at this job he could hardly say no. (He would have if I would have asked him to but I wouldn’t do that. I was also hoping he could relax and have a little fun) So I had to take Everett to the dentist with me. I had an appointment at 6:30 pm specifically so he could help me with the kids. Don't you love when stuff like that happens. I could have just as well had a day time appointment that didn't involve a rushed dinner / clean up and night time outing! When it comes to me and plans they rarely work out right.

Anyway...Last month I nursed Everett during my chiropractic adjustment/massage, and this month during my dental exam I nursed him again. I have really awesome family oriented care providers. It’s really quite refreshing. He sat on my lap as I got my cleaning, played with toys and I lifted him up and garbled sounds at him and he laughed. Then I nursed him throughout my dental exam cause babies don't really wait to eat when they need to eat. My dentist is awesome and has a baby Everett's age too. She is also a nursing mom. Family friendly = awesome.

My darling husband got home before 9pm tonight. He left the ball game early… he wanted to get home to see me. I am so lucky to have such a great guy. Not many men rush home to a wild house of seven kids. And it was wild. LOL.

Penelope being happy

Ring Around The Rosie
helping with dinner

Playing hide in go seek. Sebastian is counting like this: 49, 8, 7, 2, 49, 3, 4, 6, 9, 49

I just had to include this picture my son, Sage, snapped the other day. Sebastian (2) locked me out of the house as I was returning home from picking up our raw milk from our milk co op. I'm at the door saying, "Sebastian don't lock yer mama outta the house, Sebastian I have milk...Sebatian let your mama in..." I felt like such a country mom. I love this picture. It's fun to have this as a memory. I can still feel the ice cold milk against my belly and see his ornery little cute face. :)

P.S. Now anytime my kids scream I tell them I'm going to call the fire department. Which is a pretty awesome thing to say in the midst of a fit.


Claire Cramer said...

Oh my goodness! They've ALL gotten SO big! I just love hearing about your never gets old. And your new fire department threat: hahahaha!

CfM Molly said...

I love that milk picture. Awesome!

Kimberly said...

I couldn't possibly love you and your family any more - you're all just so awesome!