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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honey Badger Don't Care!

This morning Sebastian was whining, mad and sniffling because he has a little cold. He didn't want to do anything even with me. I took his little cranky self and we laid on my bed together. He resisted me and kicked his feet. I told him he can stay in here all alone and be cranky or be cranky with a friend. He resisted.

He whined and yelled a little about not wanting anything. I knew all he really wanted to do is watch TV or play video games. Problem is the more screen time he has the worse his ability to entertain himself becomes, so I like to wait until the afternoon for tv time. I told him I knew he didn't feel good so maybe we should make a little den/cave and be honey badgers because honey badgers don't care. He smiled. I told him honey badgers are mean and cranky, too. He listened on. I told him honey badgers eat honey and mean snakes and they don't even care if the snakes bite them! He totally smiled and laughed when I told him about it. I told him the honey badgers steal honey and they don't even care that bees sting them! He was in, "I wanna be mean honey badger!" Penelope chimed in, "I wanna be a nice one, are there nice ones too Mommy? I told them there were all kinds of honey badgers. Just then Everett came in with three oranges and he started throwing them at us, as we laughed at his orneriness Penelope and Sebastian said, "Everett is the baby honey badger!" Then we peeled juicy drippy delicious oranges in bed and ate them and said we didn't care. After a bit we cleaned up our mess (because mommy honey badgers really DO care) and watched the real honey badger educational video that this honey badger parody was made from. (parody not kid safe, lots of foul language)

The kids were hungry so we made some eggs, which Penelope called our honey eggs. Penelope dropped her fork while she was eating and said, "I dropped my fork but honey badgers don't care!" Charlotte heard this and cracked up. (She's the only kid that has seen the parody.)

After that we headed outside for some playground time. The kids ran around having fun still pretending to be honey badgers. Penelope went down the slide yelling, "Honey badgers don't care!" I was in total stitches laughing. I hope people at the grocery store don't think I let my 3 and 5 year old watch the honey badger video! Because you know it's going to come up one of these days, LOL.
Sebastian my little sweet cranky happy honey badger

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Kimberly said...

Oh man! It's really too bad you can't let kids that young see the parody, because they will TOTALLY repeat it a million times, and in the worst possible moments. But it would be so freakin' hilarious to hear it, once or twice ;)

Okay, fortunately, my imagination is really good, so every time you wrote "don't care" my brain automatically substituted the parody words, and it made me laugh anyway!

Honey badgers don't care! Except mommy honey badgers, they do! ;)

Love it!