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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Guinea Garden

 It's sometimes fun when plans don't totally turn out "as planned." We decided to keep the guineas close to the house so that I could enjoy my bug eating pets. So we also started making raised beds. Ricky likes what we've done so far so much that he wants three more beds this year. We have scrap wood to make more. These pre-cut and drilled cedar ones we got on sale years ago and just now had the perfect time and place to use them. So this is the progression of the 'guinea garden' that is neatly placed outside one of  my kitchen windows.

Outside my kitchen window we planted a cherry tree, to the right there

This is Everett who climbed into the new Guinea house right as we were finishing it up 

The whole area in progress. I'm building a roof top herb garden on the guinea house,  I lined it with a blue tarp. We added reed fence along the top of our existing fence it to help keep the Guineas in (even though we clipped their wings) and for an extra seclusion feel. 

The boys hauling dirt into the beds from the chicken pen

First day on the loose! I love 'em!

In progress. I have it all planted now. Basil, chamomile, lemon balm, cilantro, marigold flowers 

Hungry-yummy baby!

The first wonderful raspberry harvest is starting! All my raspberry and blackberries are taking off like wild fire. It's awesome!

The kids spreading out some bags of topsoil we added

Some of my tomato babies getting ready to go in the ground. I took VERY awesome care of them this year to see how big I could get them. These are the best starters I ever had --the extra care and attention helps them  thrive so much! I plan to sell tomato plants at our local farmers market next year. 

This is with the green garden fence and gate up. I made this gate myself, I am super proud of it. It's the first thing I ever sawed and screwed together -totally built from scratch. It's super sturdy! Ricky was impressed :) Then I painted it cute. 

This was a totally unplanned outfit. Too funny.  I love it!

Guineas like to look at themselves so we have mirrors everywhere, even in their roosting house. 

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