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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Amazing and Fun Mother's Day! 

The children clamoured around the kitchen at 7am. I heard pots and pans and chatter, a few disagreements and then I was brought a huge omelet with spinach, cheese and onions, toast with strawberry jelly drawn on with a heart, fruit salad with a heart shaped kiwi in the center, coffee, creamer and two frosted toaster pastries. I was touched and proud of their teamwork and generosity. 

Ricky gave me a super cute Mother's Day card from him and a swimsuit top I mentioned was cute at Target. He had never even seen it and I didn't even think he was listening when I told him I saw a cute top at Target. I described it to him though in a ramble, and he went and found it! I told him not to get me anything for Mother's Day since I had such a big birthday last month. He's so very thoughtful. I don't need to wonder how he became so thoughtful, I don't need to look any further than his mom and dad. They are super wonderful and thoughtful people. His dad sent me amazingly gorgeous flowers a couple days before Mother's Day with a sweet note attached thanking me for being a great mother for his grand kids. 

When I was just about done eating Sebastian and Penelope came to visit with me and I snuggled with them. I called Sage in to take a picture of us and just as he was taking a picture I told Sebastian to move positions and when I helped him his legs hit the platter of food - food and coffee dumped all over the bed!

So this is the picture we got instead 
Later on I saw the adorable sign Penelope and Layla made for me, and the kids gave me handmade cards (which are always soooo creative and awesome).  They also gifted me with some herb plants and a new grill spatula. I use grill spatulas in the kitchen. I hate small wussy spatulas I like big metal ones! Ours recently broke so I was really glad to have a new one!  

Then it was work day time! Every Mother's Day I take full advantage of my family helping do yard work, cleaning the chicken coop, getting the garden ready, Etc. I love it! The boys filled and hauled soil-compost from the chicken area for three new raised beds we put up. 

We took a couple hour break in the afternoon when suddenly Aunt Sharon showed up unexpectedly -from two hours away! She told me her and Grandma were here to share the "Mother's Day Surprise" with me. 

My Dad was in town!!! So just then my Dad and Grandma start walking up the driveway to surprise me. He flew in for just a day to surprise his mom. The kids were so happy to see Grandpa, even little Everett was happy. We had an awesome afternoon chatting and ate some fruit they brought over. They also brought some wine called Island Getaway... Ricky wears tropical shirts all the time in the summer so this was a fluke and not planned to go with the wine lol. We made him be in the picture just as Sage was taking it apparently, too funny.

They were off to dinner before my dad had to go to his hotel room near the airport order to catch his super early am flight back. I snuck out of the house and joined them for dinner. My family was super awesome and didn't think anything of me ditching them. I think they were grateful I wasn't home to come up with more yard work, LOL! Ricky was glad I could get some more visit time with my Dad and was happy to 
to stay home with all the kids.

We went to a Japanese grill and had loads of fun.
My family does two things VERY well: Eating and having fun

Our chef made us try and catch shrimp in our mouths while he flung it in our faces!

We are trying to figure out what this critter is! 

Mother's Day roses from the restaurant

Then we sat around and talked for an hour outside (and let the drinks get out of our system before driving). It was a fantastic day and night!

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