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Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day Tribute

My Dad
I love my dad. The other day I called my Dad to tell him something that was clearly important to me. My cell phone kept discontenting during our conversation. (Even though it was fully charged and I had great service it kept dropping the call every 30 seconds to a  minute! -it's just an old flip phone and needs replaced.) As we talked and got cut off I had to call him back five times before the phone call stuck. Each time I called him back he picked up the conversation where it had left off. He didn't once tell me to call him later or act like it was an inconvenience to him. When I would dial him back he just said his next words to me, not even a hello was needed. Today when I called him to wish him a Happy Father's Day I told him that I had been thinking about that phone call from the other day. I told him that that phone call was an example of what kind of Dad he's always been; always there no matter what, good or bad, easy or hard, he takes the time. He makes time for me, even halfway across the United States, even when he's busy, even during a work day, even when the situation isn't ideal. He's always there. He's always been a part of his kids' lives, admits his mistakes and loves unconditionally. He's a lot of fun, too. Those things make a great dad. 

Ricky's Dad
I love my Father-in-law. He's a kind hardworking man that values family. Ricky comes from parents of extreme love and devotion and it's no accident that he models that in his family life. I have so much admiration and respect for both my husband and his family. What I enjoy especially is that as my husband has gotten older I notice he makes sweet facial expressions that I recognize that are from his dad; it can be a look, a smile, a laugh, or a nod of agreement. It warms my heart. My Father-in-law smiles at his grand-kids with his eyes, face and soul...It's the same way my husband looks at his kids and at me. Thank you Dad-in-law for being such a wonderful person, good husband to your wife, good role model, loving dad and grandpa. My father-in-law should know how much his son has learned from him and models after him. 

My Husband
I love my husband. He works hard if he's at work or if he's at home. He has 9 people expecting 100% from him; 7 kids, 1 wife, and 1 job. He doesn't let any of us down. He juggles life beautifully and solidly. He loves deeply and contently. I never feel second best. Every marriage vow he made he has fulfilled with perfection. When I met him I told him two main things to try and scare him off. One was that I like a lot of attention. (I told him I'm an Aries, I like to be loved and cared for deeply and I like someone to keep up with my fast paced ideas and adventures.) Two: I want a lot of kids. He said he'd like to sign up for both of those things; he said it sounded fun. :)
One of the hardest things to do is to grow with someone instead of away from them. This is something that makes our marriage great. We have grown together and complement each other nicely. We bring out the best in each other. By bringing out the best in each other we bring out the best in our kids and in our parenting. We have such kid focused lives but we never lose sight of each other. We would have never had so many kids or be this happy if we hadn't believed in each other from the start. Thanks my love, for being an awesome dad to our kids! 

Happy Father's Day to these three
 important men in my life!!!

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