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Monday, June 16, 2014

Beatrice's Bumble Bee Party: She's ONE!!!

Our Baby Bee turned one on Saturday. We decided to throw a party to celebrate. We had a lot of fun! It was pretty exhausting, too, but also loads of fun! I really enjoyed watching the siblings help prepare for the party. Penelope (7) and Layla (9) made some handmade decorations and bees out of pipe cleaners. They also helped me make a bee hive pinata! It turned out way better than I thought it would and was really fun. Everyone helped with yard work, decorating, and all those little things that you have to do to put on a party. We had a handful of family and friends over -which turned out to be the perfect amount of people to visit with. Beatrice got really into her party! Pointing at everybody, playing, snacking on raspberries a friend brought over, and the highlight was she LOVED her cake and totally hammed it up for us for photos! It was really a perfect day with gorgeous weather.

Bee hive pinata we made with pipe cleaner bees Charlotte made
Opening gifts
Ricky bought me and Bee these gorgeous roses!!! They are the most gorgeous yellow I've ever seen! I told him I think yellow roses on Bee's Birthday could be a tradition I'm in for ... :) He said, "You think so, do you." lol. We had yellow roses on all the guest tables.

All About One Year Old Baby Bee:
Beatrice likes to clap when she's happy, shakes her head to say no, she loves the guinea pigs and LOVES when her siblings takes her to see them. She loves all animals and grunts, squeals and is excited when she sees them. We go around visiting the goats and chickens daily and her little face just lights up. Beatrice loves her siblings and watches them intently. Through the good and the bad. I swear she is taking notes! Beatrice loves hanging out with everyone. She has started to try and bite when she's mad. She has two top teeth and two and a half on bottom. She stands up but doesn't walk yet. She moves around holding onto furniture only a little bit. We are totally content with that. She can wait to walk...we like her like this! But, walking will be exciting and sooo cute, and I just know her siblings will melt with cuteness when she does start to walk. Even though she's been clapping and standing for a while now, Penelope (7) and Sebastian (5) still have to holler nearly every time she does it. "Mom, MOM, MOOOOM! LOOK she is standing!!" It's cute how excited they get. Penelope and Layla haul her around a lot and are a tremendous help.  It's very cute. The teens hold her several times a day while I get stuff done around the house. It's so cute seeing teenage boys try and throw their hip out to hold a baby. They love her and they light up when they see her. It's really special. The kids will take her to the trampoline (like a giant play pen!) to watch her sometimes. Beatrice often asks to go to Charlotte and sometimes will holler up the stairs for her. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte is very close to Beatrice and those two are really sweet together. The kids take really good care of her. The teens even remember to give her sips of water when they are watching her. They are great caregivers.

Beatrice likes playing in the sand box and does not eat the sand. Beatrice likes playing with toys. She will sit for a while and play which is wonderful. She puts her arm into the air when she hears music and likes to wave it around to dance. It's very cute! She recently pointed to the radio to get me to turn on music. The pointing is SO cute. She points all over the place to tell us what she needs or wants. I love it. She waves to her daddy when he leaves in the morning. This is such a precious age. The little things she has learned over the past four months are getting refined and it's really neat to watch. She jabbers a lot and that's something we love to hear. I love watching her deep blue eyes absorb the sights around her. It's amazing to me that her life is so normal to's all she will ever know. Lots of kids, lots of animals, a mommy and daddy that keeps her close by always and snuggled into bed with them, lots of adventures yet to come... oh happy, happy birthday Beatrice! You are such an amazing addition to this family. Simply amazing you came to us.

Father's Day... was the Sunday after the party.  
We were beat and didn't do much. I had to pry myself out of bed so he could sleep in. I was pooped! I made and helped the kids deliver breakfast in bed to their dad around 9 am. I made him walnut banana pancakes, eggs, hash browns and sausage. Afterwards we pretty much just hung out and cleaned up decorations.We got him a second hand mini fridge for the basement. He also finally got a recliner for the basement. He's been wanting that for a while. He's excited to keep beer in the mini fridge. :)
Ricky's such an amazing husband and father. He was raised by amazing parents to be an amazing man and his children and I reap the reward. 
Three year old Penelope
Newborn Everett

Preschooler Layla, toddler Penelope

Toddler Penelope 2008

Newborn Sebastian 2008

Father's Day 2013
I had more recent pictures of Ricky with all the kids here at one point but the links were broken over time, so I deleted them. Bummer.

The life I live ...the love I dreams coming true... I owe to you. I love you Ricky, Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Thank You. I love reading your blog. My youngest is a couple of months older than Beatrice and you remind me that although life is hectic and busy it is still good and gorgeous.
You give me inspiration and lift my spirit.
Love your photos. Holly Savage

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Thank you so much! It's comments like yours that keeps me sharing!

Mama Gumbie Cat said...

I just happened upon your blog because in a haze of anxiety that I am (probably) pregnant with our 7th, I googled "7 kids". I love our children and our family, but we have very real practical (ahem financial) worries...My oldest is only 9 but I worry more about their future than the present. young kids are fairly cheap. Do you have any tips or ideas about secondary education/career alternative for your older kids?

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stopping by to say that I do so enjoy reading your blog, I've been subscribed for quite some time and it bring me such job. I have three kids with #4 on the way. Tell me, how do you respond when people act shocked that you are on baby #whatever on the way. It seems that world doesn't understand why people go beyond three kids. Did you ever work outside the home?

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet relationship with your husband.