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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Picture journal...Around the House

 I made chocolate covered pretzel heart necklaces with Penelope and Sebastian earlier this week. They loved them. To my dismay they love candy necklaces in the summer time (yuck) so I knew they'd love these!

"Stained Glass"

Everett trying to help with "stained glass"

What you do is put saran wrap on your freshly cleaned window. If it's freshly cleaned it'll stick like a charm. Then you take squares of tissue paper and use a glue stick to glue them all over the window. It's really cute and fun.  I want to do a 3in x 3in patchwork one in my pantry window. When you are sick of it pull the plastic wrap down...easy.

Lots of people ask how I homeschool so many ages. In this situation the little kids make a craft; the big kids help if they want or if I need them to help out. The big kids then learn about stained glass, hows it's made, it's rich thousand year history, Etc. Now you have: social studies, history, religion, and science all rolled into one craft project.

Did you notice in the picture above one of my kids ate a few bites of apple and then placed it back in the fruit basket?! lol.

I love when my kids love when I make mini grilled cheese on fresh baguettes from Panera/ St Louis Bread Company. They are golden buttery nuggets of deliciousness!

We have a cold going around the house. Ricky slept in a little one morning because of it so he got to see Layla get on the bus for the first time since she started school. I had to snap a photo...memories! (plus I love my husband in his work clothes)
~~~*The coat Miss Layla chose to wear on this day is my little sisters old coat.
This coat is over 22 years old!*~~~

This baby. I'm gah-gah about him.

Sometimes he does this though. ^ He's mad about me getting him dressed, but he's teething too poor little guy. He's been doing fairly well. It's no fun being cooped inside for winter, teething, having mom tell you no climbing on the bathroom sink 14 times a day, and no climbing on the stools/chairs/computer desk/kitchen table 45 times a day. This kid is wild.

Crafty Home Decor Projects

I am in love with this shower curtain , so to tide my cravings (I totally intend to buy that someday by the way) I printed a bunch of photos/ads from the 1800's and framed them in frames I've been collecting.

Light glare in this, but the wall color in this shot is a little closer to what it actually is

This frame was ugly, modern, and white so I dressed it up with a glue stick and a paper doily that came from a box of pastries. Am I completely resourceful or what??

Teaching the little kids to sew

Penelope says, "Sewing is easy and FUN!"

Her finished project. We bought these kits . Most of the the embellishments is ours, you really have to get creative with these (which I like) and they are really fun. I'm helping Sebastian finish a pirate one tomorrow.  

I was touched that Layla drew and colored this fantastic picture for me. It's a picture of me sleeping with Everett. Love.

Ahh here's that climber now. Up the ladder, alone at 1 year old

Ready, Mom!?

Hilarious. lol. (He loves this!)

He heard the chickens when he made this cute face. It seemed as if he was saying to me 'ohh my.' 

Took this as I walked back from getting the mail.

Our puppies have stayed the perfect size so far!!! They are fun.
Chip is smaller and is on the left. Ranger is the bigger and is on the Right.

Last week when it was so beautiful and warm I cleaned the porch off of a bunch of junk. I've been decluttering and spring cleaning lately. I love a tidy space.

Aslan one of our Great Pyrenees dogs

I love  Not that I needed more projects to start...but it fills me
with happiness all the same. I made this in honor of being crafty and pinteresting everyday.

Eye love you Penelope Juliet...


Kimberly said...

Hey - When did Layla start school!?!? What's the story behind that?! I *love* the pics, as always, and the pretzel necklace is GENIUS!

Mom of a bunch of great kids... said...

Thanks Kimberly, dear! :) The back story about Layla is in my blog. It starts here:

second post about it

third post

I'll be posting another school update this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Shauna love your pictures and storys also Christy coat Layal and Ricky look so cute waiting for the bus. Thanks for sharing all your family events I Love Them all
Love Aunt Sharon